Code Fees: The one-time code fees are waived for CSARP members, employees of the US government and their contractors, and university staff and students. Code fees for domestic private entities (including commercial and non-governmental organizations) are as follows:

  • MACCS v4.x (includes WinMACCS): $4000 (discounted rate of $1500 applies if you have already paid for MACCS v3.x)
  • AniMACCS: no fee for authorized users of MACCS 4.x
  • MelMACCS: $1000
  • SecPop: $1000

Code Requests:

  1. To request MACCS, WinMACCS, SecPop, and/or MelMACCS, first submit a completed Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA).
  2. To request AniMACCS, send an email to
  3. For domestic private entities, there is a fee for each code. When licensing approval is completed and any applicable fees are paid, you will receive a temporary login ID and validation instructions. Complete the validation step. Once this is done, you will receive a one-time password.
  4. Go to and enter your assigned Login ID and Password and follow all subsequent steps to download the code.
  5. After downloading the software, you will be prompted to request an installation key from to finalize the process.