May 4-8, 2015

Sandia National Laboratory instructors present a five-day training course on the different methodologies for addressing accident consequence (Level-3) analysis accepted by regulatory bodies and available in the nuclear power plant industry, complemented with hands-on exercises in the quantification techniques for Level-3 using WinMACCS. The training specifically covers the following topics:

  • Discussions of the international PRA practices relevant to external releases
  • Presentation of the characteristics of consequence analysis
  • Discussions of the relationship between consequence and risk
  • Development of the interface between Level II and Level III analysis
  • Discussions of the modeling of atmospheric transport and dispersion
  • Introduction to dosimetry and health effects modeling
  • Modeling of emergency response
  • Modeling of economic consequences
  • Discussions of uncertainties in probabilistic risk assessment and consequence analysis
  • Discussions of NUREG-1150 and the State-Of-the-Art Reactor Consequence Analysis (SOARCA),
  • Interpretation of the results and applicability to the regulatory framework
  • Discussions of some applications of consequence modeling