Upcoming Events

2018 IMUG/MACCS Workshop

IMUG: June 11-12 2018
MACCS Workshop: June 13-15 2018
The next MACCS Workshop and IMUG meeting will take place in June of 2018, in the Washington, DC area. Please register for the MACCS Workshop or the IMUG Meeting if you plan to attend. Additional information is provided in the link below.
The MACCS Workshop and IMUG meeting is open to registered MACCS User Group members and CSARP members. When registering, please recognize that the MELCOR User's Workshop runs in parallel with the MACCS Workshop and IMUG Meeting. Please designate on the registration form whether you will be attending the MACCS or MELCOR activities (not both).

2018 IMUG Agenda
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IMUG/MACCS Program Annoucement